Wesumat is a German brand, which is only a part of history of carwashes. However, its expertise and technology are still up-to-date and are still being used – today under a different well-known brand WashTec. This is the result of the merger of two important producers, Wesumat and California Kleindienst, which merged in 2000.

Because BrushTec has been operating on the market for more than 20 years, we have the experience in the production of brushes for different types of Wesumat car wash machines and we can provide advice. Wesumat carwash machines use 108 mm diameter shafts, and their height ranges from 2m to 3 m for rollover and tunnel carwash and over 4 m for heavy-duty carwashes. When ordering, be sure to tell us the washing height and the model of the carwash machines, so that we can set all production parameters properly. For an overview, these are some Wesumat carwash machines models:




Conveyor 9606Conveyor 8808