We are real experts in the field. The company founder and the chief engineer have worked for years in service organizations that serve and maintain car wash machines. We know how different carwash machines work, what parameters they need and thanks to this, we can advise or resolve the problem with you.


Our products are manufactured from 100% in the European Union. All components used in the wash brushes come from Western Europe. This also corresponds to the high quality of the materials used and their durability.


In 2003, BrushTec patented the click systems FlexisteckIn 2003, BrushTec patented the click systems Flexisteck and Flexiclick, which shorten the period of as and Flexiclick, which shorten the period of assembly and disassembly from the original 2 hours to 30 min. In 2013, we patented a special foam surface Lamella for more efficient washing of dirt on the front parts of the bodywork.


BrushTec brushes are handmade; therefore, we are able to meet all your demands on the length of fibres, design or combination of materials. Machine-made brushes are standard and therefore not always meet the clients’ needs.

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“Wir beziehen seit über 10 Jahren unsere Bürsten bei der Firma Brushtec da wir sowie auch unsere Kunden mit der Qualität äußerst zufrieden sind!”
Client from Germany
“Vi har haft möjlighet att samarbeta med firman BrushTec sedan företaget grundades 1995. BrushTec är en leverantör som vi starkt kan rekommendera, då de tillverkar borstar av hög kvalité till många olika biltvättar och har snabba leveranstider. Ett lyckat samarbete, helt enkelt.”
Client from Sweden
Z firmą Brushtek współpracuje od niedawna -półroku, jestem bardzo pozytywnie zaskoczony jakością, terminową dostawą oraz rozwiązywaniem problemów z nietypowymi szczotkami. Bardzo polecam wyroby firmy Brushtec.
Client from Poland



BrushTec® produces brushes for these types of car wash machines and many more:

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