WashTec is a German manufacturer of wash machines based in Augsburg, which was established by the merger of the brands Wesumat and California Kleindienst in 2000. WashTec wash machines and tunnels are very popular in all countries of the world and, therefore, the demand for replacement cleaning brushes for this type of wash machines is high.

WashTec wash machines are fitted with groove shafts with the diameter of 90 mm, for which our brushes are adapted with Flexisteck technology. The shafts require no more drilling to fit the brushes. The Flexisteck pad is fitted with click closures, which connect through a rivet. This technology significantly reduces the time of assembly and disassembly to 30-40 minutes.

BrushTec produces brushes for all models of WashTec wash machines. The washing height for rollovers ranges from 2 to 3 m and 4.20 to 4.50 m for heavy-duty carwashes. Individual models differ rather in washing programs or in additional features, which does not affect the brush fitting. However, there are such types of wash machines, which have certain differences in brush fitting.

Therefore, if you are a new client, please tell us what type of machine you are ordering the brushes for and the washing height:


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