Wheel brushes are supplied in a complete washing set but they can also be ordered separately. We will offer you all the diameters demanded on the market, from the smallest of 33 cm to the larger ones of 45 cm (net diameter of the plate). According to your wish, we can combine different length fibres, which can wash washing those parts of wheels, which are difficult to wash.

BrushTec delivers these brushes only made of a polyethylene material that is during our 20-year collaboration with service organizations reliably proven. The surface of the wheels is complex and therefore foam or textile materials are not suitable for washing these parts.

Our portfolio of wheel brushes production includes:

The spiral braiding can wash all parts of the wheels well. It is the most demanded type of wheel brushes.

Longer threads in the centre and shorter threads around can copy the complex surface better just as a graduated valve.

They are suitable for washing wheels with the diameter above 45 cm.

They are designed for high-pressure washing.