Foamed polyethylene material is particularly soft and very popular between the automotive lovers and perfectionists who expect from washing process much more that only a clean car. In difference with polyethylene brushes, foam brushes finish washing process without leaving brush marks on vehicle paintwork, so that the paintwork stays shiny even after numerous of washes. Another great feature of the foam material is its long durability of 40.000 – 50.000 washes! For an improved cleaning effectiveness of the brush, BrushTec® developed and introduced in 2013 a new pattern in material made of foam, called Lamela©.

Profile 3×9 mm

The fibre with the 3×9 mm profile is very strong, solid and durable. It is especially designed to clean dissected parts of the car, where, due to high friction, the fibre’s narrow profile would not withstand. Its resilience makes this fibre profile very popular and it is often used for all brushes of the washing lines. *BrushTec recommends fitting the lower brushes of the wash machine(up to the height of 30-40 cm) by mixed brushes: 3x9mm threads with horsehair. In this zone, the brushes are exposed to the greatest wear and this type of brushes is the most suitable one.

Profile 4×4 mm

During the washing process, this slim profile foam fibre is able to drive into and clean even the worst accessible places. Therefore, it is mostly fitted from 60 cm washing height upwards on vertical and horizontal shafts. * BrushTec does not recommend this type of brushes for washing of doorsills, as these fibres could tear.

Belt Brush

Ecology, economy, very easy assembly and high quality are the main advantages combined in the new type of foam and mixed brushed called “Belt Brush”. In the developing process we thought first in the ecology – how to produce less plastic material that burden each time more and more our planet. We removed all redundant and non-functional material from the brush pad and reduce its weight to 150 g. This number results much more interesting if we compare the total pad weight of original Istobal wash set for 2 m washing height, that is 40 kg, and pad weight of BrushTec Belt Brush set that is 4,5 kg.  We are saving here 35,5 kg. The light weight not only helps to reduce the plastic production, but it is also smaller load for the wash machine.

We saved the redundant material and thanks to that we could also offer Belt Brush for very competitive price. We are able to reduce the brush price, but the quantity and quality of the wash material remains the same. The result is that the client pay less, behaves more ecological and buy high quality product.


Lamela is the latest patented adjustment of the BrushTec foam material. It resolves the problem of difficult cleaning of the most polluted parts of the vehicle, namely the front of the bodywork and the windscreen. These places tend to be contaminated by insects, which is hard to clean by the traditional foam material.

The classic foam fibre of the brushes on horizontal shafts have a smooth profile that slides along the surface and does not capture the large debris effectively. The Lamela is an adjustment of the classic foam material with pressed sloping profiles, which are able to remove dirt thanks to its graduated profile. This arrangement works as a rough pattern on tires. The dirt on the bodywork is easier to remove while the pattern on slat is easy to wash out. The threads do not hold dirt or absorb water as textile materials do. Brushes with these threads have the same lifetime as the classic foam materials and their price is not significantly different.

The principle of the slat technology is an absolute novelty in foam materials and this is the first time ever that the problem of washing resistant dirt is technologically resolved.

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