BrushTec innovative strategy not only focuses on the end customer, but also on the service organizations that operate the carwashes. Every wash brush that our factories deliver are controlled on quality and performance to ensure the optimum wash effect to fully satisfy the customer expectations for quick and easy assembly.

For this reason we have invented and patented the Flexiclick© a Flexisteck© systems, that radically reduces the assembly time and its consequent labour costs. The installation of a classical brush pad requires about 4 hours of installation work while using the system Flexiclick© and Flexisteck© systems, it is possible to complete assembly in only 35 minutes!

Flexiclick pads are designed for wash machines with 120 mm diameter shafts used by Istobal and newly fitted by Kärcher. If you have another washing line but want to use this system, you can purchase the Ø 120 BrushTec shaft. (More information click here.)

Below is some technical information so that you can verify the compatibility of the Flexiclick system with your washing line.

Wash shaft diameterØ 120 mm
Grooves3-6 grooves
Wash machineIstobal, shaft BrushTec, Kärcher (new shaft)
Segment height20 cm
Rivets3 rivets supplied with the brushes
Approximate time of assembly or disassembly30-40 min