Kärcher is very well-known carwash manufacturer with a broad product portfolio of carwash technology worldwide. Wash machines Kärcher undergone a recent change in the shaft, which currently has a diameter of 120 mm. Kärcher previously worked with square shafts with dimensions of 75×75 mm, and sometimes worked also with a rounded shaft with a diameter of 115 mm. BrushTec can make wash brushes for these older shafts as well as for a new 120 mm in diameter, in which the brushes with the technology Flexisteck can be used. The shafts require no more drilling to fit the brushes. The Flexisteck pad is fitted with click closures, which connect through a rivet. This technology significantly reduces the time of assembly and disassembly to 30-40 minutes.

Because BrushTec has introduced aluminium shafts of 120mm of diameter in its production portfolio, we can deliver brushes with the shaft.

For an overview, these are the basic models of Kärcher carwash machines: