For more than 65 years, the Spanish manufacturer of washing lines, Istobal, has been the leading producer favoured by clients all around the world. Istobal is one of the main leaders on the market and, therefore, there is a big demand of spare parts for Istobal wash machines.

Istobal fits its wash machines with groove shafts of 120 mm diameter. Because BruhTec has grooved aluminium shafts in its portfolio with the same diameter, we can supply brushes including shafts. Furthermore, we developed a fastening system of brushes, Flexiclick, for this type of shaft and patented it in 2003. For mounting of brushes, it is not necessary to drill the shafts. The Flexiclick pad is fitted with closures, which click and connect by a rivet. This technology significantly reduces the time for assembly and disassembly significantly, reducing it to 30-40 minutes.

The washing height for rollovers ranges from 2 to 3 m and 4.20 to 4.50 m for heavy-duty carwashes. Please be sure to tell us the exact height of the wash machine when inquiring or ordering.

If you are a new client, please tell us what type of machine you are ordering the brushes for. Below are examples of the most common types.


Istobal M7Istobal M9+Istobal M12
Istobal M18Istobal M20Istobal M22
Istobal M25Istobal M27Istobal M28




Všechny typy