Christ is a traditional German manufacturer of car wash technology. Christ built its first wash tunnel in 1968. Today, the company has official representatives across the whole world and still brings new technology and innovation in the field.

Christ washing lines are fitted with shafts of 115mm diameter. Nevertheless, Christ is the only brand using shafts with a so-called joint, which enables copying the shape of the body without using various lengths of threads in the brush. Some types of car wash machines use shafts with or without the joint, which is important for placing your inquiry or order.

BrushTec produces all types of brushes for Christ car wash machines. The washing height for rollover ranges from 2 m to 3 m and around 4.00 m for heavy-duty carwashes.

For a complete overview, these are the most common models (always mention them in your inquiry or order):


> Aquatus > Centus > Genius
> Quantus > Sirius > Varius
> Primus


> All types


> Magnum > Taurus > Ecobus