Don´t miss the first Car Wash Show in Europe!
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Don´t miss the first Car Wash Show in Europe!

One Industry. One Event. All You Need.

The car wash business in Europe is changing: the profile of owners, the types of car washes and the expectations of customers are all evolving.

If you feel the need to gain new ideas and networks, don´t miss The Car Wash Show held from 5th to 7th October 2015 in Amsterdam, that is the one and only show of its kinds focused only on car wash industry in international dimensions. The event is organized by International Carwash Association (ICA) with the objective to follow up the success of Car Wash Shows organized in Las Vegas, United States years before. Till now there are registered exhibitors from more than 20 countries from all over the world (Exhibitors). In the first year of this great event, ICA expects participate approximately 185 exhibitors and about 1000 visitors worldwide.

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Source: FB Car Wash Show Europe

Apart from the exhibit hall you can take part in car wash tours, seminars, discussions, network sessions, events and others (Program). The event is meant to exhibit the car wash technology and products but as well as enrich each visitor by sharing the experience with other from the industry (Sessions). In order to take part in these events, as a visitor, you have to purchase all access pass for 225 Euros. Watch out, this program begins already on 4th October with Car Wash Tours! One day exhibits-only pass starts at 23 Euro and 3-day exhibits pass at 45 Euros.

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Source: FB Car Wash Show Europe

The exhibitors have up to 362 stands to display their products. According to the organization body, there is 70% of them already reserved. Each box offered has 3×3 m (9 square meters) but you can gain more space combining and joining them. If you are on time, ICA offers you ´early bird´ tariff of 250 Euros per square meter. You can arm your stand from 3000 Euro, counting electricity, design, water and parking place. That is the much more economic rate if you compare it with Frankfurts´ rates. So hurry up and see you in October!

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Source: FB Car Wash Show Europe

Sources: ICA, Car Wash Show Europe


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